What we are

We are a recruiting firm that works as an associate-side advocate. This means that we represent your interests first, and your potential employer’s, second. And, in the process of doing just that for some of the highest caliber attorneys in BigLaw, we’ve gained strong relationships and respect with the majority of the market.

We learned early on that the traditional recruiting MO just didn’t make sense. The trick to a successful move is a solid, high caliber associate, and the best way to court them – to court you – is by ensuring that their needs are met, above all else. So, our entire process is wrapped around the needs of the attorney, rather than the needs of the employer.

Think of it like this: if you could have your search tailor-made to your own specification, it would look exactly like our process. We hope you find this intriguing. If you do, please reach out to learn more.

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