Why we are different

We provide a service that offers morning and evening job updates from over 750 of the largest and most active law firms – both domestically and internationally.

Our research capabilities are second to none – Associate to Partner ratios; office sizes; firm demographics; etc. – you name it, we can find it. This is necessary if a lateral is to make a fully informed decision.

We provide an interview prep that is uniquely tailored to your needs and particular situation. Preparing to meet with Skadden is not, or at least shouldn’t be, the same as preparing for Fish & Richardson. Do you get my drift?

While we are careful to remain neutral with the law firms (so that you aren’t put into a conflicting situation), we maintain relationships, and most importantly, a high level of respect with contacts at the gross majority of the major firms.

We keep things above board… It just doesn’t make sense to tell you a bunch of stories and make promises that we cannot keep. Our reputation is our most valuable asset; the key to keeping it sparkling clean is to be as honest as possible. We cannot guarantee that you’ll get your dream job, but we can guarantee that you will fully maximize your chances.

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